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We can't show you everything we do, but please, look through some of our recent projects.


DAARC offers immersive airway
management and rescue
cricothyrotomy training.

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Charge Nurse

Charge Nurse is a game developed to teach nurses how to perform the duties of a Charge Nurse.

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Helps Medical Surgical Nurses identify and address deteriorating conditions on a MedSurg patient in an expeditious manner.

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Say hello to The Greeter! This virtual avatar, Evet, is here to meet you and help with any of your needs at the National Simulation Center.

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“PJ” - The 8-tentacle octopus character designed, modeled, rigged & animated for the Disney Event Group.

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It couldn’t be “THE” castle but still had to feel as if it were a part of a Disney-like experience.

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Our client came to us for Motion Graphics support for the SalonCentric conference in 2016.

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